Quizzing at the Kingsley Coffee, Crafts & Gifts Café in Ferring

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Another great fundraising evening. Thanks to an invite from Fiona owner of the Kingsley Coffee, Crafts & Gifts Café, 7 members of the Fund Raising group brushed off their brain cells and sallied forth on the 21st to prove their worth.

Brilliantly led by Quizmaster Tim and his associate we were taken through various rounds with (on my team) non-spectacular results! At half time we were treated to tea, coffee and cake. This was followed by a raffle with many prizes.

The Quiz was a one off event at the Café, on this occasion being dedicated to Nathans cause. Nathan took part in a Q/A session with the crowd, who were obviously really impressed with his dedication and ambition. During the evening Nathan took the opportunity to show off his new racing wheelchair (more information and pictures will appear in his blog soon). It was, all in all, a very successful evening, with Nathans Fund being increased by more than £500.

Huge thanks again to Fiona and Tim of the Kingsley Coffee, Crafts & Gifts Café.