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New Racing Wheelchair

On Tuesday 13th February 2018 I went to Bromakin Wheelchairs to collect my new racing wheelchair.

My new chair looks amazing and I’m really pleased with it. It has been custom made for me from aluminium and due to it being my first ‘kneeler’ and the fact that the axle bar caused pressure on my ankles I had the axle bar removed and the frame reinforced.

In case some of you didn’t know orange is my favourite colour – hence me choosing a polished metal frame with orange steering and front wheel fork. Changing my position from a foot plated racing wheelchair to a ‘kneeler’ has meant that I’ve had to change my whole positioning and push technique, which has impacted on my current speed, but with my continued training schedule I am making progress in the right direction.

Some technical details of my new wheelchair are:

  • The Model is an ‘Aeroracer’.
  • The frame by Bromokin is built from hand crafted 70/20 aluminium.
  • The wheels are made using carbon fibre for its superior light weight and strength, they are supplied by Corima, a French company renowned for making wheels for road racing cycles and racing wheelchairs.
  • The chair also has a CATEYE computer.
  • The tyres are of a tubular high pressure type.

New racing chair

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