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Training for International Competitions

Over the last few winter months while there have been no track events to compete in, I’ve been working hard on my track winter training focussing on endurance and technique, completing in the region of 5000 metres at each training session twice a week.

I’ve kept up my fitness with going to the gym twice a week and swimming twice a week, as well as training with my wheelchair basketball team ‘The Tornados’.

We’ve competed in the first two rounds of the Junior National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament – and I scored my first competitive basket! We’ve got one more regional round before we find out whether we’ve made it through to the National finals. This is going to pose a challenge for me as the finals for the National Wheelchair Tournaments are the day before the London Wheelchair Mini Marathon.

I’m starting to book myself in for this season’s track events nationally and am hoping to go to Switzerland in May 2018 to gain my International classification and compete at my first ever International competition ... more news to follow.

As you are probably aware I’m off to Spain to compete for England in August 2018 at the CPISRA World Games. I really can’t wait and know I have qualified to compete in the 100m, 200m and 400m. I’ll keep you posted as I find out more details. It’s great that Josh is going to come out to support me at my first England debut.

The costs for this coming year are certainly mounting up so I am really conscious I couldn’t even begin to experience some of what is coming my way without the support of everyone who has supported me ... so thank you all so very much!

2018 CPISRA World Games in Spain
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