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A typical week

Hi, my name is Nathan and this is a short history of me and what I do on a typical week.

I am an identical twin and my brothers name is Josh. When we were born there were complications for both of us which led to my being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. 

I thought I would tell you about what is a normal week for me during the track racing season which runs from April to September.

Monday to Friday are normal school days.

On Monday evening I train at the track.

Tuesday evening I go to the gym and have a session with my personal trainer and then have a swimming lesson.

On a Wednesday I allow myself a rest (although I sometimes train at home on my fixed rollers).

Thursday I have another session with my personal trainer at the gym.

Friday, if I haven't got any races the next day, I go to wheelchair basketball.

Saturdays, I either compete or train at the track. If my personal trainer is free and I haven't competed on a Saturday I have another session at the gym.

At the weekends I am usually competing or taking part in events, a few of which are local but mostly are farther away. This often means considerable travel and staying at hotels in the local area. You can see where and when I have competed, or am going to compete, by looking at the events page.

In terms of my races I focus on improving my personal best times. As I race against all different ages and different classifications - its all about constantly improving my times.

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