Nathan's Support Team


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Kim Fretter
Nathan's mother
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Alan Martin
Retired businessman and committee Chairman
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Tracy Allan
Daughter of the Chairman
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Helene Fretter
Treasurer and Nathan's Grandma
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Julia Downes
Meetings secretary and long term friend of Kim
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Melinda Fretter
PR and Social Media Nathan's Auntie
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Sian English
Family friend
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Rebecca Braisby
Tracy's daughter
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Katrina Orchard
Family friend
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Jayne Ball
Family friend


Meet the support team

The support team was the brainchild of Kim Fretter, Nathan's mother. Once Nathan had discovered his aptitude and ambition for wheelchair racing it became obvious that long term funding was going to become a difficult problem.

To make a serious effort at progressing Nathan has to travel all over the country to participate in events which will move him up the representative ladder. To constantly improve his times he needed the best equipment that could be afforded. A couple of Kim’s close friends had taken part in events where, by being sponsored they could collect money towards Nathan's costs. This gave Kim the idea of gathering a small circle of friends together to actively seek out funding for Nathan's wheelchair racing future. And so the organising committee was born.

Committee Membership

At our head, with the final say over all things directly related to Nathan is, of course, his Mother Kim Fretter.

Other members and roles are:

  • Chairman: Alan Martin. Retired businessman. Father of Tracy who is a close friend of Kim. Joined the Committee at inception in January 2017.
  • Deputy Chair: Tracy Allan. Daughter of the Chairman close friend of Kim. Has run several sponsored races on behalf of the Fund.
  • Treasurer: Helene Fretter. Looks after all Income and Expenditure for the group. Nathan's Grandma, mother of four and Grandma to eight. Retired teacher.
  • Secretary: Julia Downes. Long term friend of Kim. Takes the minutes of our meetings so we remember what we have discussed and decided.
  • Events Organiser: Melinda Fretter. Is Nathan's Auntie, affectionately nicknamed 'Funny SMel' by the twins at a very young age. Also works on Nathan's PR and Social Media.
  • Sian English. Works at Worthing Hospital in the records department. Two sons, Owen 18 & Elliott 14. They play badminton together and enjoy walking and plays Clarinet (badly). Love the theatre, films and Welsh rugby.
  • Rebecca Braisby. Is the Chairman's granddaughter and the Vice Chairs daughter, has watched Nathan over the last few years develop into a young athlete. "Nathan is an inspiration and his dedication has motivated me to participate in sports and maintain my own fitness."
  • Katrina Orchard. Known to Nathan and Josh as Auntie Trina, met Kim, Nathan's mother before the boys were born when they both started jobs at St Richards Hospital. "Nathan has always been an inspiration and his determination not to let his disability be what defines him is very humbling to see."
  • Jayne Ball. Is a long standing close friend of Nathan's family and has recently become more involved to try and support this very determined young man. Jayne helps by attending fundraising/racing events plus website updates.

Nathan usually attends and sometimes his brother Josh.

Co-opted members include Martin Allan, Chris Fretter, Duncan Fretter, Shaun Downes and Steve Freeman.